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Meet the Owner

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and always had an eye for unique style. I come from a long line of strong and beautiful women. Being from the big city fueled my glamorous yet edgy tastes. I was never concerned about the name brands and high markups. I am only interested in the shiniest look or an exotic style for my buck. My wow factor has always been to shock friends and family with the price I paid for an entire ensemble or quality items.

My entire life I followed the cookie cutter social norms. It started when I chose a specialized High School for its CISCO computer networking career track. However,  I wasn’t serious enough for it to be useful. Upon starting college I’d do 18 credit hrs each semester to finish fast, while working part-time at the college in Financial Aid. During that time, in a hurry to rise to success; I became a licensed mortgage broker and failed quite miserably. By my senior year in college, I graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology from UCF, got married to my HS sweetheart and started a family all in the same year. From there I became a stay at home mom when I realized that a career in Psychology taking off upon graduation was never going to happen. I have always been good at helping others, and uplifting others with great business, health, love, or life advice but when it came to myself I wasn’t sure what my niche was to be.

I have been so busy since becoming an adult. My timeline since college each year was about checking off the boxes.  There has always been a transformational project I was working on. When my first child turned one in 2010 my husband and I started a web/mobile development business. We were not equipped to keep going due to the constraints of his full-time job as a Software Developer and our family because by the end of the next year we had our 2nd child. Towards the end of the 3rd year we were so focused on putting down roots and building our dream home because at that point we had already moved five times! I started my personal development blog that year as well. I learned about holistic health, nutrition, how to make fondant cakes, bake my own gourmet breads from scratch, did extensive research on the agricultural industry, global health, GMO’s and developed myself technically in coding, branding, social media marketing, ad revenue potentials, SEO, to driving traffic. Much recently I learned a small bit about investing in the stock market.

Meet Michelle!

Belle Amor Designs is something that I dreamed about starting years ago. I have a great deal of aspirations but having my own fashion jewelry line was something I talked about doing but never got around to starting. My exclusive fashion pieces aren’t just for women, it caters to men as well; under the Charles Antonio Collection. The company name was inspired by my beautiful daughters Isabella and Amorina and the men’s collection by my prince Charles. It wasn’t until I decided to have a third child and put that goal on hold once again that I found myself unsatisfied and searching for my cake and to eat it too.

Although I dabbled in blogging for the last 5 years I couldn’t keep up having fresh new content even though I was very good at writing. Two of my articles were published with the digital youth culture magazine; Thought Catalog and has had a successful turnout of positive shares and commentary. Eventually, with a family of 5 on the horizon and projects around my home that I really enjoyed doing ranging from faux painting to re-purposing old furniture with the help of a little spray paint; I found my new love of interior decorating. I love using what I already have and finding perfect pieces to bring my themes together especially on a budget.

My turning point to finally execute my vision and create my brand came when I was feeling defeated and tried to pull myself out of a funk. I did a wall mural all by myself without help or tutorials for my son’s room. Stay at home moms don’t get the respect or credit they deserve. Now I’m all about the bucket list mission. Time is the most important thing. While most people put the utmost importance on being punctual in regards to time, I strongly prioritize in the quality of time.  I have consistently been a student for life. Each year I evolved and grew reaching goals, enjoying my hobbies and still learning new things daily. I have used the time wisely and am ready to build much more. Confidence was hard to come by on most days. However, when you’ve become a catalyst for some and see a stream of people who keep getting an itch to emulate your work, you know you’re doing something right.

My inspiration.

My “lifestyle” has always just been to simply enjoy love, laughter, surround myself with beauty and to have fun. Being extroverted I’ve also had lots of events to entertain for and my decor makes a lasting impression. A lot of people say to me “I don’t know how you do it”…for me it’s fun. Interior & Party Decor is something I have a passion for and have been doing for 6 years. I’m currently a Certified Interior Designer and studied at the New York Institute of Art & Design. Planning events, color schemes, accent pieces, textures, fabrics, furniture, and themes are my thing! I love to create unique designs by room or by event. Decor on Main tables, Cake tables, Dessert tables, and Favors are also a few of my favorites. I’ve acquired quite the inventory available to rent to clients in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. I’m also available for event planning services using my “Book Now” feature on Facebook or Fill in the Contact Form below.  After my son passed his first year, I was ready for this next chapter in my life. Let me bring great beauty and love in everything to you! ❤️

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